How To Start Freelance Writing With No Experience?

How to become a freelance writer with no experience? Don’t know how to get writing experience? In the Internet there are a lot of work for copywriters. Every day millions of new pages with information are created in the Internet. Almost all of these texts are written by masters of their work, called copywriters. Copywriter or essay writer is a person that “owns a pen and a word.”  In other words, copywriter is a person who writes texts, papers, articles, essays.  Until a person learns to communicate telepathically, he is forced to use speech and writing.


The resources on which the texts are located can be diverse: Internet, advertising, television, printed materials and many other sources.


The goals pursued by written texts are also numerous: advertising, entertainment, news, events, history, analytics, and so on.


When someone starts working in the Internet, he or she is faced with a mass of fraudulent offers, designed only to lure money. Therefore, hardly having found out real online vacancies, he with pleasure rushes even to low-budget projects or dumping, guided by the principle  “it’s better less, but surely”.


A little later, when a beginner goes through a period of ecstasy from the fact that he  can still get money for working in the Internet,  there comes an awareness of the need to realistically evaluate their own work. For copywriting (rewriting, translation), this problem is particularly acute.


On the leading freelance exchanges you can find projects where the cost of work varies from 1$ for 1000 characters to 10$ and higher for the same amount of text. A beginner copywriter understands that he is unlikely to succeed in “expensive” projects (employers prefer persons with a good portfolio). 


At the same time, they don’t really want to work for nothing. According to the apt expression of one of the “advanced” copywriters – working for pennies, a person runs the risk of spoiling his eyesight, but he no longer has enough money to buy glasses. In addition, the process of transition to more paid jobs can be significantly delayed – established contacts with customers who are accustomed to the old prices are tied to a copywriter.


Another common option for lovers of low-cost projects is to reduce the quality of writing to a minimum (to maintain a balance between costs and rewards). With this solution, there are a lot of minuses: excessively large volumes of work performed, customer dissatisfaction, negative reputation and degradation of syllable.


You can try to vary the prices and, with moderate use of this method, gradually increase their value. 


Analyzing various approaches to the formation of the cost of services, it would be wrong to confine ourselves to the search for a “mote in another’s eye”.  When you just come to the market – even the cost of 1000 characters per 1$ is permissible (for rewriting), but with the accumulation of first experience and the availability of abilities, this price should be immediately raised. 


In this case, the emphasis is on the quality of work, and not on the volume (although at first it can be difficult to keep from giant orders – but patience will be rewarded a hundredfold). Copyright can start from 2$. But often, it is better to give the article for free, with the condition that the author’s name and contacts will be indicated (if the article is indeed well written). In the future, prices will be formed from taking into account the time spent on the tasks and the desired earnings per month, following the general trends of the market.

What you need to become a successful copywriter?

Copywriter is a profession. It is logical to assume that he gets paid for it. The amount of earnings that is available to the copywriter have not limit: the “larger” customer, the higher the earnings of the copywriter. A successful copywriter is able to earn from 2 thousand dollars a month. And this is not his limit. The amounts that are transferred to a good performer sometimes reach 5 thousands dollars. 

How to become a copywriter with such an income? In fact, the recipe is simple: any successful path begins with the first step. For a copywriter, this step becomes a training course on copywriting.

Now, when you already know what copywriting is, it’s time to start learning it. Do not regret the money that you pay for tuition. These funds will come back to you much faster than you expect: the number of required texts written by professional copywriters creates a lot of highly paid work that awaits a trained professional.

Step-by-step plan for becoming a successful copywriter

In order not to wrestle with how to become a copywriter and start earning no less than on your previous work, follow the instructions below.

1.Fresh the basic rules of the English language.

2. Take copywriting courses.

3. Register on content exchanges and start getting the first experience and money.

4. Start your blog, it will help hone skills and create your brand.

5. Get a few large customers who will then recommend you.

6. After some time, you are a real professional copywriter.

This is the main course, following which you will definitely come to success and big earnings.

In fact, the main skill of a successful copywriter is just one. But it enables a person with any education to become a highly paid performer. This is a desire to write. All other skills (knowledge of rules of English language, spelling, grammar and style) are applied by themselves.

It has long been observed that a person who is fascinated by a favorite business can create a masterpiece from improvised means. That’s how it happens with a copywriter: when he likes to create text, the words themselves add up to sentences, turning an empty sheet into an interesting topic. 

As you know, any work requires the performer to possess the necessary level of knowledge and skills. The same applies to copywriting. There is knowledge, without which a copywriter can not do. A copywriter is required to own several types of texts:

1. Copyright.

2. Rewright

3. Seo-copyright.

4. Selling copyright.

This knowledge will give you entrance to copywriting courses, because only a professional teacher will be able to clearly convey to student differences between these types of texts and teach them to create correctly.

Additional skills that are not necessary to own, but if they are available, earnings may be higher:

1. Foreign languages.

2. Blind printing method.

Without mastering this knowledge, you will be left without work, but having mastered them, you will be able to significantly expand the circle of your customers.

Where the copywriter starts working

The best way for a novice specialist is to register on the copywriting exchanges. Newbies give them preference because the exchange allows you to build a good experience, fill a portfolio, and find a permanent job and customers.

Also important is the fact that most exchanges operate on the principle of “safe transaction”.  This allows beginners not to worry that their work will not be paid.

It’s no secret that the Internet is overflowing with unscrupulous customers who want to get good content for free. Text exchanges protect copywriters from fraudsters. The most famous exchanges ideal for any beginner are easy to find on the Internet.

In order to get started, you just need to register for any of them, specify your payment details and go to the choice of a suitable task. The new performers got their first earnings on the articles with the help of the copywriting exchange.

How to become a freelance writer with no experience

If you have a passion for writing and a desire to take your skills to the next level, then you may be wondering how to start freelance writing with no experience. The fact of the matter is that even with a passion for writing and a desire to make your skills shine, it may be hard to get started without experience in the field. There are some important steps you can take to get your feet wet with freelance writing without having to leave your day job, and these steps will ensure that you have a bright future ahead of you as a freelance writer.

One of the most important steps you can take to get started writing for others is to set up your own website. Having your own website allows you to showcase your writing to clients. This also gives you an opportunity to market your writing and to create your own client base. If you do not own your own website, you can always find a freelance company who may be willing to put you up on their website so that you can advertise and sell your work. Your writing services may also be included in your website, so that interested clients can contact you through your own site.

Once you have established yourself as a freelance writer, you should consider starting up a blog to share your writing skills with the world. You can easily find freelance companies who offer writing opportunities for blogs, and these opportunities can provide you with an easy way to get started writing for others while building your writing portfolio. Another good idea to help you get started is to sign up for an account with a writing community such as Elance. Many of these writing communities include freelancing sections where you can post a job you have written or another type of writing job that you have completed for someone else. You can also use Elance to promote your own writing talents by posting a job you have written, or a blog post that promotes your writing expertise. While these types of postings may not pay very well at first, they give you a great opportunity to build up your portfolio and reputation.


Don’t be afraid to start work at freelance writing jobs. There are a lot of high paid work in the internet – all you need is only experience to have an opportunity to work on them. Don’t think that there aren’t freelancing jobs for beginners. Be confident and good luck will come!

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