Freelance Web Content and Article Writer

You want clear Search Engine Optimised (S E O) Web content and
online articles…  I  do that. I also rewrite and edit your copy…
Research and write copy for newsletters. Write profiles; personal
statements, statements of purpose and copy for brochures.

You will feel it is easy to draw on my years of experience. Why? In large
measure, that is because I write well, across the sectors.

I bring to you a skill that enables me to grasp your needs and your
style, and write the words you need to succeed with freelancing blogs. Be it:

S E O Web site content
Online articles
Brochure copy
Business profile
Personal profile
Personal Statement/ Statement of Purpose

If you are in Greater Manchester; anywhere in the UK the EU or around
the world and your call right now is for Web content, or articles; a
corporate profile; brochure copy; a statement of purpose and so on;
let’s talk. Call 0161 408 2701

W. R. White is an experienced communicator. He writes online articles and  S E O Web content.  He
rewrites and edits your copy…proofreads…does interviews; researches and writes corporate profiles,
personal statements and statements of purpose.

His career in the media started over 50 years ago in radio; and he studied in the UK at the BBC,
the CBC in Canada and Syracuse University in the USA.

Here are some of the positions in which he has worked for four or more years: Correspondent
REUTERS/Caribbean News Agency;  Chief Information Officer(Montserrat)  Coordinator of
Information Services(Antigua and Barbuda), Manager Broadcast Services Caribbean
Communications Company,(USA/Caribbean), Advertising Sales coordinator(Commonwealth
Broadcasting Association,(UK).  His freelance clients  include publishers such as Proactive
Publications,Global Business Pages and BizzReport…Other companies include Datawiz
Technologies; Unique Lace Wigs; Business Guages and Fraser Craigentinny.


As a  freelance writer; he has years of experience writing across a wide range of businesses. He
focuses on online articles, S E O Web Site content, personal statements; business profiles; brochures
and newsletters. He Rewrites and edits copy and he is an experienced  Interviewer and Researcher.

In 1977 H.M.the Queen made him a Member of the British Empire (MBE).He was
cited for his work in and contribution to  broadcasting, information and

Way to Write Online Articles and Web Content

All Copy must be engaging and helpful. It ought to be as long as is
necessary for it to attract attention to benefits and features that are
unique to your service or product. Then from the benefits and
features; organise the competitive selling points of the product or
service. Your copy should also address the wants, needs and
feelings of the reader. So make it personal and keep it simple.

Get to Know Your  Reader(s)
I mean get into their head and under their skin. Look at sex, age,
income, tastes, and styles.  Back yourself to feel, hope and think
like the reader. Then  aim for the mark.
Follow the AIDA principle:
A – Attention  I – Interest  D – Desire.  A – Action

Write headlines that highlight  the benefits of the product or service.
Change features  into benefits, and write copy that  covers unique
selling points (USPs)and  the Competitive Promise (CP). Convince
yourself and believe  in the competitive promise of the product or
service that makes yours  stand out.

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