10 Articles to Jumpstart Your Content Marketing

People search the web for information. That’s why content marketing is all the buzz. If you can create content that attracts people, you have a great chance of turning some of those people into customers or clients.

But this concept is not new. According to Content Marketing Is Not New, But the Opportunities Are at Junta42, John Deere, in 1895, was the first company to use content marketing by creating a customer magazine, called The Furrow, that educated farmers about the latest in technology.

For years, some people have flooded the Internet with garbage content – words designed to cause a page to rank high at the search engines but that had little substantive meaning. As search engines become more sophisticated, especially with the Google changes of 2011, that approach no longer works (if it ever really did).

For content to be effective marketing, it must deliver high-quality, relevant, and valuable information. That’s the first of 12 core attributes of content marketing that marketing expert Heidi Cohen discusses in Content Marketing Defined on her blog.

The Content Marketing Institute offers a lot of good information. Here’s a sampling:

To understand the relationship between content marketing and copywriting, see What’s the Difference Between Content Marketing and Copywriting? at Copyblogger.

Plus, you need a strategy: Why You Need a Content Marketing Strategy from WebProNews and A Content Marketer’s Guide to Social Media & Search Strategy from TopRank.

For promoting content through social media: 42+ Social Media Marketing Tools at Junta42.

If you are ready to create real content for your website, contact me to discuss your needs.

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